Are Customer Services still available?

Yes, our Customer Services are available Monday to Friday. Feel free to email us at service@kadewe.de

The Senate has decided that food and drink retailers may remain open. So, why is Die Sechste, KaDeWe’s food floor, closed?

KaDeWe is following guidance from the Senate of Berlin, which is to stop all activity. The goal is to slow the spread of the coronavirus and to avoid mass gatherings in one space.
Regarding a potential partial opening of the food floor, the following should be noted: There is no separate entrance suitable for a large gathering. In addition, the food floor cannot be closed off from the rest of the store and our restaurants are also difficult to close off from the sales areas.
For these reasons and, above all, out of consideration for the health and safety of our visitors, partners and our team, KaDeWe was completely closed. We regret the current state of affairs and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

I have a table reservation. Can I telephone the restaurant to rearrange my booking?

For existing reservations, please contact the Beef Grill Club by Hasir (T +49 30 23 36 02 45), Laggner Schwemme (T +49 30 23 60 54 55) or Lutter & Wegner (T +49 30 23 60 54 55).

Can I order products from Die Sechste and have them delivered to my home?

This service is under review.

Are you offering the catering service at the moment?

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer this service.


The Berlin Senate Administration has decided to further restrict public life, to slow down the spread of the corona virus.
The health and safety of our visitors and our team and the population have the highest priority. For this reason, KaDeWe is closed until further notice.

Please note that we will therefore cancel any existing reservations during this period and will not accept any new reservations for the time being. We will keep you updated on further developments and you can always find all information on our website: kadewe.de