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René Lalique, jeweller and jewellery designer, was already a significant designer of art nouveau and art deco jewellery when he set up his own company in 1888. In 1921 he expanded the business and constructed a glass factory in Alsace, which today still acts as the focal point of Lalique’s product output. A unique process is used to melt sand and lead at 1,400 degrees and create vases, lamps and sculptures, turning raw and rough materials into masterpieces.

The company swears by genuine craftsmanship, which produces crystal in the form of plants, animals and bodies. The collection for the brand’s 130th anniversary also reflects the founder’s vision of exposing nature’s beauty on clear surfaces as well as opaque ones. René Lalique had a special affinity for swallows – the harbingers of spring, the symbol of happiness and freedom. They take a prominent position in this collection.