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Scottish Wool

The Elgin Mill in northern Scotland has been spinning fine wool and cashmere since 1797. Its new winter collection harks back to the golden age of travel, the 1920s and 1930s.




A self-portrait with a dog is almost like a family portrait. Under the guidance of the photographer Kristin-Lee Moolman, models photographed themselves for the Paris label Maje. Also in the frame are checked capes and patent leather jackets, smart suits, fringed pockets and waisted dresses in pink.



Tear Down This WAll


Thirty years ago, the French Revolution celebrated its 200th anniversary. Madonna sang Express Yourself. And in Berlin, the Wall came tumbling down. Younger Germans can hardly imagine how much life has changed since then. Especially in Berlin. The Wall City has morphed into a fashionable metropolis. Nor does the rest of the region bear much witness to former divisions. A ‘green belt’, a biotope for animals and plants, now covers some of the area where tripwire and automatic guns used to separate family members. The green belt shows that, whatever obstacles man imposes, life always comes back. Walls can only stop the flow of history for so long. Meanwhile views have changed, not just socially and politically, but aesthetically. Nobody is going to let their self-determined life be taken from them anymore. Today fashion is first and foremost an expression of individual freedom. Not a dictatorship of trends, but an offer of possibilities. We have the choice. Let’s use it.

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