Tiffany & Co.

New York
on your wrist

The Tiffany T collection celebrates Manhattan’s modern elegance – now with a splash of colour.

New York – home to skyscrapers and street canyons, the birthplace of rooftop cocktails and 24-hour delis. The city of the Guggenheim and the Museum of Modern Art, of minimalistic art and maximum possibilities. It is, of course, also the home of Tiffany.


With Tiffany T, the American jewellery house has designed a collection that matches the modern elegance of its home city, its effortless style and the energy that drives it. Narrow bracelets sit loosely on the wrist, necklaces of different lengths can be worn solo or on top of each other. Rings stack seamlessly. With its architectural directness, Tiffany T is also a tribute to the spirit of American design. The emblematic T appears in all the designs. Rings and bracelets in the T True range are made up of interlocking letters.


This autumn, Tiffany is for the first time adding coloured gemstones to its collection. The filigree T Wire bracelet is decorated with black onyx, turquoise or mother-of-pearl. The rings are available in rose gold with mother-of-pearl and diamond trimming or black onyx, and in yellow gold with turquoise trimming. The loose fit T Two Circle necklace is now available with pendants in pink opal, onyx or mother-of-pearl.

When Charles Lewis Tiffany opened his first shop on Broadway in 1837, it soon came to be known as the Palace of Jewels, thanks to the extraordinary gemstones on sale. A little later Tiffany moved to that most iconic of New York locations – 5th Avenue.