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Swedish Grace

Back to the future.

The Swedes might be best known for their minimalist design aesthetic. But in the 1920s, the Swedish Grace movement mixed classicism and modernism with a touch of Nordic mythology – and immediately made it into the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Now the movement has served as inspiration for the winter collection from Tiger of Sweden. The Stockholm label, famous for clean cuts and sleek suits, has integrated the outlines and detailing of this era into its designs.

The result is a timeless collection with flashes of imagination: slim-cut two-piece suits and leather jackets, white pleated tuxedo shirts, cashmere and classic merino knit with hand-stitched crochet details. Silk shirts and scarves are printed with traditional scenes designed by artists Edward Hald and Simon Gate for Swedish Grace magazines. Silk shirts and scarves are printed with antique scenes that were designed by artists Edward Hald and Simon Gate during the Swedish Grace era. At that time, the motifs decorated vases and bowls in the form of glass painting. Despite their traditional opulence, they look extremely modern. And almost minimalist.

MENSWEAR on the 1st Floor