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Life lines

AESOP‘The Familiar Horizon’: €75.00, ‘A Curious Connection’: €43.00, ‘Contours of Discovery’: €90.00, ‘Orbit of Intention’: €90.00, body care and aroma sets from the Atlas of Attraction range, ground floor

As illustrated by the patterns on snail shells and the courses of rivers, nature creates the most fascinating patterns – spirals, waves, fans and zigzags. Dutch designer Iris van Herpen takes the inspiration for her creations from these organic contours. She regards them as symbols for human lives, which sometimes meander, sometimes run straight and often run alongside others. The Australian brand Aesop has joined forces with van Herpen so that you can bring happiness to your fellow humans. The result is four gift sets, whose packaging is adorned by distinctive patterns.

The sets contain various assortments of classic hand care and toiletry items, from hand wash to body balsam, not to mention products that are beneficial to human interaction, such as mouthwash and a fragrant bathroom spray. Those familiar with the Aesop care portfolio can broaden their horizons, whereas those searching for a gift can tailor their present to individual preferences. The graceful product design, coupled with van Herpen’s patterns, lends the quartet a refreshing harmony.