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Bars & Restaurants


One can easily feel transported to “piccola Italia” between the typical antipasti and pasta dishes which can be served warm or cold.


Adventurous guests can meet famous regular customers at the oyster bar, which serves classics as well as the oyster of the month.


Following the South French tradition the best fish soup of the city is prepared at Bouillabaisse. The main ingredient: exclusive fresh fish from the Mediterranean region.

Cinco Jotas

The meat of the Ibérico pig is know for it’s intense taste. It is also nutritious, because the animals kept by Andalusian breeders spend most of their lives on the pasture and prefer to eat acorns.

Das Berliner Zimmer

The Berliner Zimmer serves traditional Berlin dishes with a new modern touch.


In the traditional Fischerhus, is a favourite with all lovers of the specialties of the North Sea. One of the most popular dishes is the cod with balsamic-beluga lentils.


At the largest food bar on the floor you can find grilled sea and salt water specialties. Up to 1,000 fish dishes are prepared every day.

Grill & Pfanne

Following the “plug and play” motto, meat and grilled specialties can be combined at will. Especially the dry-ripened entrecote from the German heifer is a treat.

Hors D’Oeuvre

The small Deli offers appetisers from all over the world – from vegan hummus to venison medaillons.

Hummer & Langusten

Rare crustaceans like the King Crab from Alaska inspire the true connoisseur. The quality of the grilled lobster from Cuba is unrivaled.

Just a Bite

The mini cupcakes from Just a Bite are lovingly prepared according to recipes from 1887. You can discover twelve different flavours with various toppings.


This is how potatoes should taste: crisp grated potato or oven baked, combined with salmon steak or smoked meat.

Lachs & Caviar

Salmon, fresh lobster, crawfish, caviar and truffles are among the delicacies that speak for themselves, Especially, when they are as delicate and aromatic as they are at Lachs & Caviar.


The well-known Leysieffer impresses with creations from it’s chocolate factory and also offers changing hot dishes.


The confession “I believe in good pizza” comes from Ovest, Charlottenburg’s favorite Italian restaurant. At Ovest La Pizza you can enjoy real Neapolitan Margherita baked at 480 degrees in under 90 seconds.

Papaya Royal

Several times a week, fresh herbs and vegetables are flown in from Thailand to prepare authentic delicacies based on the local cuisine of Isan and Bangkok.

Petit Bistro

If you are looking for a small, delicious meal, you can take a short trip to France – for example with the “Petit Bistro brioche aux crevettes” with fried prawns and artichoke crunch.


Tart flambé with seafood are a nice variation of the classic dish. The sardines come “a la plancha” from the grill and are served with lemon, olive oil, garlic and white bread.


At Sumosan, you  discover sushi and sashimi of the highest quality and variety. The secret of Sumosan’s success is the perfect mix of tradition and innovation as well as the carefully selected ingredients of all creations.